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Are There “Islamic Feminists?” Some Fallacies in Arab Feminist Rooms on Clubhouse

By: Sohel Ahmed Bahjat   There are many awesome, Arab Feminist ladies and girls on Clubhouse App who represent the Feminist Movement in the Arab world, in general, and Iraq in specific. On Clubhouse and social media, one finds easily a struggle going on between the forces of Enlightenment, secularist groups, and women’s rights, versus the forces of Tradition, blind obedience, and the worship of Islamic symbols, all trying to get the support of society, which is, unfortunately, soaked in the Islamic myths, and belief system.   What motivated me to the writing of this article was an accusation I, and some other “male” secular colleagues, faced from some other female activists, stating, and I’m paraphrasing it, that: “Male Atheists adopt ‘women’s rights’ to reach our own agendas – as atheists – in defeating and weakening “Islam” – as if Islam is a ‘person’ we hate - or the religious elites behind it.”  The accusation, which went on, was adopted, partially, by some ladies who claimed thems