Friday, June 28, 2024

President Joe Biden is a true believer in America, but we need a younger candidate



 is a great, a humble true lover of the U.S and an adherent to its institutions, however, when we call for a reconsideration for his nomination for a second term, we aren't denying his great achievements for the American people but rather refocusing our attention to the fact that the 2024 elections are so important that we cannot afford losing to a Maniac like 


 who is as clear as daylight that he will make himself an absolutist in Putin's or NK Kim's style where there is no freedom of speech has any place, and where the Legal System works for the dictator and his thugs. The majority of the American people have shown in polls after polls that they'd rather vote for a younger candidate. Let's assume that 


 was the front runner with her youth and energy, and the fact that she could be the lady the American people were waiting for for a long time. President Biden did his great job since 2020 and I think that it is possible that the president is going through some health issues and he's worried about his son who could go to prison for a long time, which is again an evidence that the Republicans with Trump were lying when they accused President Biden of using the Justice Department to go after his his opponents. Republicans are obviously working on subverting the American Democratic System, and that's clear not just through the actions of the 


 Senators and Representatives, but even though the Conservative Justices on the SCOTUS who are trying their utmost to establish a dictator with Full Immunity, probably more than a monarch ruling in God's name! I think that the President should rethink it thoroughly because he was not able to focus and even remember most of the major points that could have embarrassed Trump and his supporters on the debate stage, like the fact that they do support the enemies of the Free World such as Putin, that they have killed the Law that was prepared in Congress to fix the border just because Trump felt it would make him lose, and the fact that Republicans were calling for over a year to defund the 


 and the law enforcement agencies, thus carelessly calling for the endangerment of the American people and opening the door for the Mexican Cartels and Islamic Terrorists to enter the USA. Please leave your comments below: