Saturday, August 29, 2020

Do Not Vote for The Czar in November 3rd, 2020


In 2016, I remember how I used to defend some of the Republican "principles", such as small government, allowing guns, and the promotion of strong foreign policy. So, except for the last principle, which I still believe in, I have changed my mind about most things that Republicans consider to be correct. In 2016 I volunteered in Ben Carson's presidential campaign, so I went on to El Cajon Downtown, in San Diego CA with my cousin, who is still an avid Republican, and we would distribute some booklets about Ben Carson's life and career. But, as time went by, and I was following the Republican's primaries at the time, I noticed that the party was voting more and more for this guy who was full of anger, spreading hateful speech, calling names, and owns an empire of money made from selling women and alcohol and gambling and similar "Un-Christian" trades. I felt at the time that Christianity is repeating a phenomenon which I have witnessed in Iraq, and that is the religion that claims itself as a beacon of virtue and ethical behavior is the very institution that gives power to the most corrupt, hateful, and licentious immoral people, you want them away from politics. I'm not saying that Christianity is the same as Islam because I know for sure that the religion which was born in a mixture of Greek-Judaic traditions is certainly less dangerous, but still a menace to secular liberty, than Islam which is born in a hostile environment and I shall explain that part bellow. 

Republicans have shifted radically with the nomination of Donald Trump towards a Christian White Nationalistic view, in a clear departure from our secular constitution that which gave more strength to the core nature of Americanism, which is all about "We the People" in which freedom and justice are equally shared. Christianity, in my opinion, is more open to the separation of state and church than Islam, not because it was divine and Islam was Satanic, as many Christians would say, but rather because Christianity was born in an area where the Civil Authorities had an immense degree of power and control, as the Roman Legions were present and ready to crush any zealots, and thus Christianity had no choice but to be an advocate of peace, whereas Islam was born in the Arabian Peninsula and Mohammed was, like any conqueror, a unifier of fighting tribes, so he went on promoting "peace and justice" but only for the tribes who joined to his league of believers, in contrast, he had no problem ordering his men to go invade, capture and bring slaves, women, men, and children. I hope that I'm not frightening you because as you know, most religions have such a history and as Islam was ok with slavery as was Christianity and Judaism. 

What I'm trying to say here is that America should avoid voting Republicans, at least in 2020 because the separation of state and church have been made in question by this Republican Party which promotes bringing a Judeo-Christian identity into a system that was established on secular values, and as they ask you more to vote based on biblical motivations, be sure that they want to distract the attention of the American people from corruption and the tax-evasion going on among Christian, and other religious groups, billionaires and super-rich people. 

In the RNC Convention, there was a great deal of mixing religion with politics, such as crying for unborn babies, that Democrats are trying to ban God and the bible, that America was found on Judeo-Christian principles and values. and so on. But if you read the U.S. Constitution, you will find no mention of Jesus, Christ, Moses or any appeal to any deity, and thus one can argue that our system considers the state to be a secular institution and the founding fathers did exactly just that because they believed that in order to keep tyranny away, gods and religions should be considered part of the personal freedoms and rights, whereas the government should deal with all the citizens regardless of faith, religion.

When COVID19 began ravaging America about March and April 2020, remember that Trump waited 3 months spewing arguments and shouting like a troublemaking kid: #FAKENEWS, Lies, and #Hoax! Later, he politicized wearing masks, and argued that we should not do more testing, despite the fact that doctors and professionals suggested exactly what he was opposing. When he discovered that he destroyed our economy by his recklessness and carelessness, Trump suggested a miracle is going to happen and the virus will just suddenly go away! Trump is not the first king and monarch who believed that God has given them magical powers because, for example, the last of the Czars, and I suggest that you watch a TV Show made in 2019 under the very same title (last of the Czars), believed that the head of the Russian Empire and the father of the ruling family Czar Nicholas II had divine powers, not just to rule, but even to heal leprosy, the irony was that Nicholas II was devastated by the fact that his son was ill with hemophilia, and he had nothing to do in order to save his son from danger. My point here is that the Republican Party and its senators are enabling someone like Czar Nicholas II with his full arrogance and imagined powers to lead America into the carnage that is avoidable, if they just to care about the interests of the American people. Czar Nicholas II ended his career by causing the destruction of the Russian state and the raging of the Civil War between his Christian based Aristocracy and the Communists, and he died a horrendous death with his family and kids.

I’m not saying that Trump will meet a similar fate because Trump is lucky that he isn’t a Czar or a Monarch, though he is behaving like one, so the American people will not have to assassinate him. Yet, the other part is still possible to happen, and that is the likelihood of America descending into chaos and Civil War. Trump warns us that division and destruction is coming if Biden win in November, while ignoring the very fact that this is happening during his first term. So, imagine him emboldened with a second term. If the rational people of America hesitate going to elections on November the 3rd, it is very possible that the fate of America would be in the hands of a small minority that believes in a cult of Rich Messiah, Trump, and we don’t know what kind of disaster awaits us in 2021 if Trump got his second term. So, #Vote2020 and vote wisely.  

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