Sunday, August 30, 2020

The Burning of Holy Books, Time for Muslims to Learn Freedom! And Trump too Should Learn!

Every while, we see some angry folks of the Muslim communities in western countries go out in an angry mode vandalizing property and terrifying people, and for what? For a cartoon of Prophet Muhammad or as a “reaction” to a mere threat of burning the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, as we saw on news recently in Sweden. The irony is that those Muslims cannot have the very freedom, they express in secular western countries, in their original Islamic countries because the government will shot them dead. The political move done by right-wing Racist Christian groups seek to agitate these intolerant Islamists in order to create an Islamic-Christian clash, in order to help Trump and Republicans in America, and such radicals in Europe, before elections. The radicals on both sides have something in common, and that is both consider Secularism to be against God-and-Allah, and for that reason we see Trump and his Republicans insist on ignoring the Wall of Separation between religion and state, widely known and explained by Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and constitutional commentators, in order to bring the myth of Judeo-Christian Constitution of the United States into power. Islamists in the Middle East, such as in Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, etc.…’ welcome such a move because it gives them the justification to argue that “as the West is eager to bring their religious heritage to the public sector, so Muslims should do more,” which is a disaster because already there is too much Islamization in the Middle East that such a radical view of life is a threat to the universal peace. No one should call me an #Islamophobe because I had an Islamic education before moving to the United States, meaning that I was a Muslim and I have studied the religion since my teenage years. However, there is something that we all should cherish and promote and that is that we should separate between attacking Muslims as a group of people, which should be rejected and condemned, and attacking the violent, hateful, and backward theology of Islam, so criticizing Islam as an idea should be encouraged and supported, just as we criticize any idea in free societies. Now, I saw today on TV how Trump attacked those who burn the American flag in protest, and Trump reminds me of the Islamists who convert anything, magically, into a sacred thing, and the next time you try to disapprove that thing or practice, they rush to accuse you of being offensive to that thing which they call “Holy”. I don’t approve the burning of the American flag because for me the flag represents the identity of the American experience, but one of the bases of American freedoms is that people can burn the flag and the constitution as well without being subject to any punishment. Trump shares so much with those Islamists who shout hate and violence against some individual or a group of people, simply because they burn a copy of the Qur’an or drawing a caricature of Mohammed. Whether the right-wing Christian is evil or not, they have the right to burn a book, any book, even if it’s allegedly “written by God?”. If Allah is so jealous over Mohammed or his Qur’an, why don’t the Islamists leave revenge and punishment to Allah? They say that God-Allah controls everything, so, why don’t you pray to your God-Allah to show his power and send the Qur’an burners, let say, a thunder or transform those who burn the Qur’an to monkeys? Or simply, go ahead and burn a copy of the Bible, and everybody can go home happy. Obviously, radical Christians and radical Muslims are using religious jealousies as a tool for control and power. The more we ban one side from practicing one of the normal practices of freedom, and we might even dislike these practices, the more we put our societies into a path of fear and distrust. Evil Jesus needs Evil Mohammed and vice versa, in order to spread the venom, it is time for Muslims to learn how to live in a free society, and if we ban Qur’an burnings, we will ban Salman Rushdie’s The Satanic Verses, ban gay marriage, ban cartoons, ban every sentiment that reflects the love of freedom. Islam is an evil religion and it has killed Muslims more than any other group. It is time that you learn peace and leave things to God-Allah, so if he intends to punish anyone, it is not your job to do so.


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