Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Joy Reid Should Not Apologize for Stating the Truth of the Islamic World


I know what kind of hardship an American voter is facing on November 3rd, especially if they have a great deal of trust in scientific methodology and a belief in Humanism. Of course, I’m not voting Republican as I know for sure that the Republican Party has decided to adopt the platform of a monarch and the Islamic way of doing things by mixing a series of lies and religious nonsense that is a perfect fit for uneducated people. Now, the problem with the Democrats is the fact that they make the situation worse by bringing Communists and Islamists, like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib who sound the trumpet of #Islamophobia whenever Islam or Mohammed are mentioned without a praise. Just recently, and I was listening live, Joy Reid was talking on her show on #MSNBC how Islamic dictators behave like Donald Trump and at the time I thought that CAIR Council on American-Islamic Relations will make something out of this, and I was not surprised that those people who defend Islam, not Muslims, started shouting #Islamophobia as soon as Joy Reid was done with her program.

When I was a Muslim, I was trying to become a liberal, open-minded free thinker believing that I can be one, and remain a Muslim. I wished to see some people who wanted to insult and criticize Mohammed and Islam just to feel that we were living in a free society. However, I discovered that it is impossible to follow Qur’an and the Islamic tradition verbatimly and build a free society because Islam requires Muslims to suppress freedom of speech if somebody else dares to mock or criticize Islam, the Prophet or the Qur’an, and for example, according to the Sirah, the life and the actions of Mohammed, one of the Jewish noblemen named Ka’ab bin Al-Ashraf used to say poems mocking Mohammed and his faith and that, additionally, he flirted in his poems and fancied lovemaking with some Muslim women. These poems made Mohammed, the prophet of mercy, issue an order to assassinate the Poet, and that the prophet sent someone close to Ka’ab in order to give the murderer easier access to finishing of the poet. So, the prophet of Islam didn’t ask his community to respond in kind to the poet, meaning in poetry, but rather decided to kill him.

For those who think that by criticizing Islam I’m implying that Christianity is ok, I say that while it is true that Jesus is better as a character than the vagabond Mohammed, we should not forget that Christianity too contributed in the massacring of the Jewish people throughout its history, and whether you are talking about Catholics, Orthodox Christians or Protestant Christians, all of them had a hand in the killing and the persecution of the Jews. Also, remember that Christianity considers Jesus to be the same God who ordered Moses, Joshua and King David to commit genocide against several nations.

I believe, like Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens that humanity needs to stand up against religion, specifically Islam for its fundamentalism, and to adopt the humanistic, scientific, and universal approach to solve humanity’s problems.

#JoyReid should say no to #CAIR and #MSNBC should stand with our #FirstAmendment

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