Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Does Nick Adams @NickAdamsinUSA knows that Trump is Far More Dangerous for the US than Khamenei?

 As usual, we find that the MAGA folks who work as sellers for Trump's racist project for America have no idea, or more probable, ignore reality in order to satisfy the Big Boss and that the fact that there are other evils, malicious terrorists on @Twitter, like Ayatollah Khamenei, #MBS of #SaudiArabia is undeniable. However, there are some things that MAGAs ignore such as:

1- #Twitter is a business and a private sector corporation, and by MAGA's claimed "principles" Twitter has the right to suspend whoever they think 🤔 deserves to be suspended. That is exactly what Twitter did to my account just because I expected that #Trump will expire in jail, like Al Capone. So in that regard, Nick and the MAGAs are mistaken.

2- MAGAs commit a common fallacy that which is called What-about-ism which reminds me of some radical Islamists whom whenever they stuck about one of (prophet Muhammad's crimes) they reply by saying: What about #Hitler and #Stalin? They have killed millions! As if such an argument would make the crimes of the founder of Islam morally acceptable! So, Trump and his mouthpieces reply to every legal accusation by saying: "What about Hillary?" Which is in itself is an acknowledgment of guilt, and of course, the Aristocratic Republican Party has no problem having two legal systems, one for the common subjects, and the second applies to the elite. 

3- MAGA leaders and speakers depend on complaints of the American people without offering any solutions or ways to manage the suffering of the common American people. The bad news for MAGAs is that the American voters, mostly vote for Republicans as a way to punish the Democrats, but once they see how ugly is MAGA and its Fascism that is hiding behind #Jesus, they will not vote for them.

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