Sunday, September 11, 2022

Republicans Complain that Biden Did Not Unify America! But who is Dividing it?

 I was an avid American and a Republican even before arriving in the US in 2010. When I was a citizen of Iraq, where citizenship did not matter much, as you probably only needed it to get some nutritious food 🍲 or a job, and there were no elections whatsoever before 2003, my dream was to make Iraq like a smaller America, where people will have freedoms, free press, respect for human rights, etc.

However, that was impossible, of course, with the majority of the Iraqi people being highly religious and traditional. This failed state, thanks to Islamic rule, and thanks to the long reign of Arab-Fascism under the Baath regime, resembles America, which Republicans in general, and MAGA in specific, seek to achieve. Fascism cannot accept a genuine free market system, and thus, if Republicans would ever take power and abolish Democracy, then, they have to invent a form of Socialist economy that is controlled by the state. The MAGA regime, like Saddam's Baath party, and Hitler's Nazis, will have a system where the common man is crushed, and the big super-rich will enjoy the crushing of the workers' unions.

Back to our question regarding the part where many complain that President Biden did not unify the country, it is important to remember the real question: "Who is dividing America?" should be the question asked. Remember that every Fascist regime, and I have lived under one for 30 years, needs some sort of cult or religious "zeal" to avoid any kind of philosophical criticism, something even Atheistic Communist Regimes failed to do. I do remember how Saddam, the arrogant, ignorant, and dumb dictator, used to give religious hints regarding many of his political actions such as war campaigns, some increases in salaries, or even when the regime was facing difficulties because authoritarian regimes know that the majority, forced to "respect" religion, cannot talk. Now, MAGA makes a great appeal to religion, and many Republican senators and activists have said overwhelmingly that they believe that America was established based on "Biblical Principles", which is a total BS. Why it is BS? Because the constitution of the United States of America does not mention God, Allah, Jesus or the Bible or Muhammad or the Qur'an, or any other religious symbol. To put religion in politics or in the laws of the country, that act aims to intensify divisions and social strife because who is that who will decide which Church and which bible, and there are many of them, who will define the role of religion in the state. Imagine we are talking about these issues in the 21st century! The bringing of "religious freedoms" to the table by the Republicans actually aspires to create some form of hate towards #LGBTQ, towards others who have a different religion or different forms of Christian beliefs. and we should not forget how many Republicans did not like @SenatorRomney just because he is a Mormon. Now, President Biden is aware of the fact that you cannot accept in a Democracy, those who claim day and night that they accept election outcomes only when they win. I know that some dumb idiots would say that Hillary Clinton too did not accept the outcome of the 2016 election and that she was talking about a "stolen election" after she lost to Trump, but they ignore the fact that Hillary never ever said that the votes or the ballots ❎ were stolen or that the agency of a foreign power involved in the "steal". Hillary's complaint was about social media, the #FakeNews widely seen on #Facebook, #Twitter, and other platforms. Not just that, she did congratulate Trump the same night, even though she had more popular votes, so, she lost by states, not by the majority of the population. Now, the question is: Will we return to the age of hypocrisy and Racist compromises, when America accepted that half of 🌗 America should be slavery-based in a country that was claiming itself to be "the beacon of Freedom?" Or, we put Trump on trial and punish him for his crimes in an equal, justice for all system? Let us wait and see, with the hope that the American people will vote wisely.

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